Saturday, November 21, 2015


You know what, can't you see this is the clue that Allah wanna show us? Like seriously, I really hope this time I will 100% strong enough to move on. Yes, from you and your whole life! Yes, I love my ego, my life and of course my mom more than myself! Ahhh typical reason, "I'm not good enough for you". What do you expect from a girl who loves "haram" animals, kan? And I know what all of you talking behind my back! And of course it'll never end. Heh. Ya, belaan aku bagi tau. Aku tau lah. Watch out. Hah.

Why? Like I said, I'm not good enough to be part of you. You're tooo good kan. Siapalah aku ni. Imma really bad girl. A good man is for a good woman right? No worries, if you're a good man, you'll find a good woman someday. *Bila aku dah tak menangis, means hati aku dah cukup keras! Bye.


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