Monday, October 28, 2013

Dear Stray Cats and Dogs. :'(

Dear dogs & cats,
I'm sorry that you have to live in this country,
where strays like you are treated brutally,
they are the people with lack of humanity,
who proudly call themselves creatures with dignity.

Dear dogs,
I'm sorry that most Malays hate you,
but bear in mind that not all of us do,
those haters are dumb & ignorant,
they have no mercy, love & tolerant.

Dear cats,
Even though you are loved by our Prophet,
sadly, now people regard you as nothing but puppet,
they dump you when you are pregnant, sick & old,
there you are; mama & her kittens in the hole.

Oh animal haters,
what makes you think you are so superior?
You too, poo & pee & spread bacteria,
shame on you, men & women!
You've have failed to teach your children to be real human.

Dear strays of Malaysia,
I'm sorry that some people fail to see you as helpless souls,
they want you dead, abolished & destroyed,
let's see how these people play the game,
since they want nothing, but power, wealth & fame.

Dear stray cats & dogs,
your existence is not a curse indeed,
you are blessed & bring joy to others in need,
I hope that someday people will realize,
how special you are by just looking into your eyes.

Dear animal lovers,
if you can listen to the pain,
and see the misery these poor strays have gained,
together lets do something to stop this cruelty,
God willing, we can change the world & restore humanity,
and give them the life that they deserve truly...

Copy Paste From Facebook.

Poem ni memang betul-betul mewakili apa yang aku rasa. Thanks to the writer. May Allah bless you. InshaaAllah selagi ada nyawa dalam badan takkan luput sayang pada makhluk-makhluk Tuhan yang istimewa ni. Kenapa istimewa? Sebab manusia-mausia istimewa je yang tahu nilai korang, yang tahu apa rezeki mengejut yang korang bawa. Semoga Tuhan melindungi semua anak-anak berbulu kat luar sana dari bencana dan manusia kejam. Amin. :')


Aefa Aerisya said...

nice.. mmg betul pun apa yg writer tu tulis.. aefa pernah nampak 2 org lelaki buang anak kucing tepi jalan. da la kejam buang ank kucing tu, ni dia baling pulak dari atas motoskl.. :(

Chenta Ummi said...

nice entry! i like.. ayah saya suka sgt kucing... tp ramai orang gila yg suka mendera binatang ni.. mmg kejam.. bersifat kebinatangan.. :)

Anonymous said...

It's not just some Malays but Chinese, Indians and all other races too.

Animal brutality happens when one is too shallow to realize another life & use their religion, race or society to justify their "actions".

To me all who do good are the best examples of their religion and/or race but those who do otherwise are an embarrassment to them instead.

Keep it up gurl & may you be blessed with a long and healthy life.