Sunday, January 8, 2012


untuk si dia yang merajuk comel..

I never forced you to love this dragon,
But surely this dragon will always love you..

The dragon never knew how to persuade,
But surely you'll always be in this dragon's heart..

Hey,you know what..
You look too cute when you sulk,

You make me laugh with your childish attitude,
Sometimes i feel like I'm your sister,
And I have a little brother to look after.

Almost two years we've been together,
Sayang,I'm sorry for my roughness,
I'm still with my temper,
I know that you're soft hearted person,
Really soft,and it's my favorite reason why I DO LOVE YOU,

Kasarnya aku kerana lembutnya kamu,
Kerasnya aku kerana manjanya kamu...

My dear sweetheart..
Once again,I'm sorry sayang..
I LOVE YOU sweety..

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