Friday, December 2, 2011

Unexpected Birthday Party.I'm Touched :')

29th November 2011,
it was my 21st birthday.
forever 21 babeh!

Dear friends,thanks for the unexpected birthday party. I wasn't expecting it at all. Congrates dude! The greatest surprise birthday party planner goes to....


she's my roomate,she's annoying.*trust me.
she can't stop if she start talking.
the easiest way is just nod your head and pretend that you understand all her stories.
even you're not!

thanks roomate! ilove youuuu!
thanks too kak ziela,kak yanie,kak nad,kak yana,istiqamah,dayah Z,amy,kak ekin,mummy nurul! ^__^

Power Puff Girl!! my birthday cake :)

I ♥ YOUUU!!!

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